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Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 2

Ronald V. Clarke, editor
ISBN: 978-1-881798-16-3
1994/236 pages
Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 2
A CriminalJusticePress Project


This volume of Crime Prevention Studies includes a mix of empirical and theoretical studies.


  • Introduction—the Editor.
  • Problem-Oriented Policing and Drug Market Locations: Three Case Studies—T.J. Hope.
  • Developments in Dutch Crime Prevention—H.M. Willemse.
  • Controlling Parking: Experience in the United Kingdom—J. Smith.
  • Steering Column Locks and Motor Vehicle Theft: Evaluations from Three Countries—B. Webb.
  • Gasoline Drive-Offs: Designing a Less Convenient Environment—N.G. La Vigne.
  • The Influence of Street Networks on the Patterning of Property Offenses—D.J.K. Beavon, P.L. Brantingham, and P.J. Brantingham.
  • The Obsolescence of Crime Forms—D.P. Walsh.
  • Diffusion of Crime Control Benefits: Observations on the Reverse of Displacement—R.V. Clarke and D. Weisburd.
  • Proximal Circumstances: A Mechanism-Based Classification of Crime Prevention—P. Ekblom.