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Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 3

Ronald V. Clarke, editor
ISBN: 978-1-881798-84-2
1994/258 pages
Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 3
A CriminalJusticePress Project


The nine chapters in this volume of Crime Prevention Studies are organized into sections on crime analysis, evaluation, theory, and implementation.


  • The Prediction and Preventionof Violence in Pubs and Clubs—R. Homel and J. Clark.
  • Exploring Auto Theft in British Columbia—Z. Fleming et al.
  • Parking Patterns and Car Theft Risks: Policy-Relevant Findings from the British Crime Survey—R.V. Clarke and P. Mayhew.
  • Rational Choice and Inmate Disputes Over Phone Use on Rikers Island—N.G. La Vigne.
  • Lessons from Lisson Green: An Evaluation of Walkway Demolition on a British Housing Estate—B. Poyner.
  • The Procedural Analysis of Offending and Its Relevance for Situational Prevention—D. Cornish.
  • Displacement: A Review of the Empirical Literature—R.B.P. Hesseling.
  • Multi-Agency Crime Prevention in Britain: The Problem of Combining Situational and Social Strategies—D. Gilling.
  • A Crime Prevention Extension Service—M. Felson.