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Crime and Criminality: Causes and Consequences, 2nd edition

Ronald D. Hunter and Mark L. Dantzker
Crime and Criminality: Causes and Consequences, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-773-3
ISBN: 978-1-62637-470-6
2011/277 pages/LC: 2011025194
Praise for the previous edition:

"Impressive and complete in the breadth of coverage.... Hunter and Dantzker have elegantly achieved their stated purpose in writing this book. It stands as a broad survey of the field of criminology and will serve both students and casual readers as a handy and accurate reference."—Criminal Justice Review

"Provides an insightful, readable panorama of the criminological landscape.... A stimulating discourse on what crime is, why criminologists think people commit crime, and how society feels it should handle these transgressions."—William Doerner, Florida State University               

"The student-friendly approach of Crime and Criminality highlights the relevance of the subject and provides the reader with a solid foundation for the study of crime and criminal justice."—David Barlow, Fayetteville State University

"Excellent.... A comprehensive overview of the causes of criminal behavior and the impact of crime on society and the criminal justice system."—Florence S. Ferguson, American Intercontinental University


This concise but thorough introductory textbook bridges the gap between theory and the real world of crime and criminal justice. In clear, accessible prose, the authors discuss the full gamut of  issues and concepts typically covered on the introductory course syllabus.

Building on the basics covered in the first edition, this revised and updated edition:
•    Uses real-world examples to illustrate theory
•    Discusses cutting-edge crime prevention strategies   
•    Highlights the impact of crime on both victims and offenders
•    Addresses the challenges of homeland security for local police
•    Reflects the impact of changing criminal law on the criminal justice system


Ronald D. Hunter, now retired, was professor of criminology and criminal justice at Georgia Gwinnett College. Mark L. Dantzker is professor of criminal justice at the University of Texas, Pan American. Both authors are former police officers.


  • The Nature of Crime and Justice.
  • The Problem of Crime.
  • The Study of Crime.
  • Deterrence and Opportunity Theories.
  • Biological and Biosocial Theories.
  • Psychological and Psychosocial Theories.
  • Social Structure Theories.
  • Social Interaction Theories.
  • Social Conflict Theories.
  • Integrated and Holistic Theories.
  • Victimization Theories.
  • Dealing with Lawbreakers.
  • Dealing with Victims.
  • Dealing with the Law Abiding.
  • Theory in Practice.