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Critical Perspectives on Jean Rhys

Pierrette M. Frickey, editor
ISBN: 978-0-89410-058-1
1990/235 pages
"A valuably wide-ranging volume, which . . . can certainly claim to offer a broad introduction to critical thinking about Rhys over the last twenty years, along with a ‘comprehensive’ bibliography which will provide an indispensable starting point for future scholarship. " —Peter Hulme, New West Indian Guide


Rhys, acclaimed author of Wide Sargasso Sea, Quartet, and other novels treating the alienation of a woman from the Caribbean living in European settings, has been a focus of interest both as a feminist writer and in the context of Caribbean literature. She was honored with the W. H. Smith Award in 1967 and the Council of Great Britain Award for Writers in 1979.


Pierrette Frickey is associate professor of French and Spanish at the University of West Georgia. Her most recent publication is The Whistling Bird: Women Writers of the Caribbean (coedited with Elaine Campbell), and she is now working on a new book, The Dialectic of Exile.