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Critical Perspectives on Léon Gontran Damas

Keith Q. Warner, editor
Critical Perspectives on Léon Gontran Damas
ISBN: 978-0-91447-857-7
ISBN: 978-0-91447-858-4
1988/178 pages/LC: 79-3102


Poet, storyteller, scholar, teacher, and statesman, Léon Gontran Damas, born in French Guiana, was a founding father of the negritude movement. This collection offers a wide range of essays on the life and career of Damas from his schooling at home and later in Martinique, through his creative years in Paris as a student, writer, and member of the French Chambres du Deputés, to his final years as a professor at Howard University.


Keith Q. Warner is professor of French and Caribbean studies at George Mason University.