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Cuba: The Contours of Change

Susan Kaufman Purcell and David J. Rothkopf, editors
Cuba: The Contours of Change
ISBN: 978-1-55587-933-4
2000/157 pages/LC: 00--031093
An Americas Society publication

"The entire volume deserves to be read, for it presents some unconventional thinking that should spark debate." —Damian J. Fernández, Latin American Research Review

"For anyone wishing to quickly get up to speed on the economy, society, politics, and especially the future of Cuba, this is the volume to read.... Highly recommended for scholars, students, and general readers."—Choice


Though few observers dispute that change is coming to Cuba, there is a notable lack of consensus regarding the pace and direction of that change. The authors of this collection offer a range of views on the growing political and economic challenges facing the Castro regime, how those challenges will be met, and Cuba's prospects for a peaceful transition to democracy. The book also includes two strongly opposing assessments of the nature, impact, desirability, and sustainability of the U.S. embargo against Cuba.


Susan Kaufman Purcell is vice president of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas. David Rothkopf is CEO and chairman of Intellibridge Corporation.


  • Cuba: The Shape of Things to Come—William M. LeoGrande.
  • Whither the Cuban Economy?—Andrew Zimbalist.
  • After the Deluge? Cuba's Potential as a Market Economy—Manuel Pastor, Jr.
  • Castro's Cuba: Continuity Instead of Change—Jaime Suchlicki.
  • Why the Cuban Embargo Makes Sense in a Post-Cold War World—Susan Kaufman Purcell.
  • A Call for a Post-Cold War Cuba Policy . . . Ten Years After the End of the Cold War—David Rothkopf.
  • Conclusion: Cuba's Dilemma, and Ours—William M. LeoGrande.