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Deeper Than Debt: Economic Globalisation and the Poor

George Ann Potter
Deeper Than Debt: Economic Globalisation and the Poor
ISBN: 978-1-899365-46-3
2001/162 pages
A Kumarian Press Book
"A comprehensive debunking of the irrational optimism of the neoliberals and free marketeers. Situating debt in the wider context of globalization and development, George Ann Potter provides an invaluable primer."—Duncan Green, author of Silent Revolution


In this era of economic globalization, the debt owed by the poorest countries allows the richest to have enormous influence over most Southern economies. George Ann Potter brings together a wide range of arguments and views to examine the effects of economic globalization on the lives of the poor majority in debtor countries, showing how the issue of debt can illuminate the process of the ever-deepening inequality between rich and poor.


George Ann Potter is an economic anthropologist specializing in development management and policy work.


  • Introduction.
  • History of the Current Crisis.
  • The Bretton Woods System.
  • Trade and Capital.
  • The More We Pay the More We Owe.
  • ... The Less We Have.
  • Environmental and Political Implications.
  • Alternative Solutions?