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Democracy Rising: Assessing the Global Challenges

Heraldo Muñoz, editor
Democracy Rising: Assessing the Global Challenges
ISBN: 978-1-58826-428-2
ISBN: 978-1-58826-405-3
2005/173 pages/LC: 2005019727
A Project of the Community of Democracies

"A timely reminder that, although the international community has made progress in promoting and deepening democracy, there is still much to be done. It is up to the Community of Democracies to ensure that democracy remains high on the UN agenda."—George Soros, Open Society Institute

"This collection of distinguished essays reminds us that democracy is more widespread today than at any time in human history. It also demonstrates why each nation must build its own democracy and why, at the same time, we can and must work together as an international community to support democratization around the world."—UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan

"A unique contribution on a crucial topic of our time: the promotion of democracy as the best guarantor of human dignity. Democracy Rising presents a comprehensive and insightful examination of the issues involved in countries around the world."—Claudio Grossman, The American University School of Law

"This important book is both an encouraging summary of the advances of representative government and open societies around the world and a primer for how to deepen the roots of democracy as a force to move the human condition forward."—Thomas "Mack" McLarty, Former White House Chief of Staff

"Democracy Rising lays the foundation for a better understanding of the hopes of UN members that through democracy we can end the scourge of war."—Timothy E. Wirth, United Nations Foundation


This timely assessment of both the progress toward democratic governance globally and the significant challenges that democracies face is the outcome of a seminar organized by the Community of Democracies. The Community is a group of more than a hundred countries devoted to the spread and consolidation of democracy around the world.


Ambassador Heraldo Muñoz is the permanent representative of Chile to the United Nations and former professor at the Institute of International Studies at the University of Chile. He has also served as deputy foreign minister and minister secretary-general of the government of Chile. His most recent publication in English is the coedited volume Latin American Nations in World Politics.


  • Introduction: The Growing Community of Democracies—H. Muñoz.
  • Building Democracy—J.M. Insulza. Democratic Governance: Linking the Security and Development Agendas—M. Malloch Brown.
  • Promoting Democracy: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric—A. Rozental.
  • The State of Democratic Governance: Achievements and Challenges—C. Gershman.
  • Democracy in Asia and the Pacific—J. Ramos-Horta. Commentary on Democracy in Asia and the Pacific—M. Alagappa.
  • Democracy in Africa—H. Geingob.
  • Commentary on Democracy in Africa—A. Janneh.
  • Democracy in the Arab World—A. Al-Eryani.
  • Commentary on Democracy in the Arab World—N. Al-Nashif.
  • Democracy in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States—B. Geremek.
  • Commentary on Democracy in Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States—K. Mizsei.
  • Democracy in Latin America—E. Martínez.
  • Commentary on Democracy in Latin America—H. Gómez Buendía.
  • Democracy and Globalization: The Beginning of History—C. Buarque.
  • Democracy and the "End of History" Revisited—F. Fukuyama.
  • Appendixes: The Warsaw Declaration. The Seoul Plan of Action. The Santiago Ministerial Commitment.