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Democratic Chile: The Politics and Policies of a Historic Coalition, 1990–2010

Kirsten Sehnbruch and Peter M. Siavelis, editors
Democratic Chile: The Politics and Policies of a Historic Coalition, 1990–2010
ISBN: 978-1-58826-873-0
2013/375 pages/LC: 2013014722
"[A] detailed, thematically rich summary of two decades in Chile under the governments of the Concertación."—James E. Mahon Jr., Latin American Research Review

Constitutes the most complete evaluation of the main achievements as well as the shortcomings characterising the 20 years of Concertación rule in Chile."—Patricio Silva, Journal of Latin American Studies

"A timely contribution to the literature on deepening democracies."—Mary Rose Kubal, St. Bonaventure University


How was Chile transformed both politically and economically during the two decades of center-left coalition (Concertación) government that followed the country's return to democracy in 1990? How did the coalition manage to hold on to power for so long—but not longer? And were its policies in fact substantially different from those that preceded them? Addressing these questions, the authors of this landmark volume critically assess the successes and failures of Concertación politics and policies in post-Pinochet Chile.


Kirsten Sehnbruch is British Academy Global Professor and distinguished policy fellow at the International Inequalities Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science. She is author of The Chilean Labour Market: A Key to Understanding Latin American Labour Markets. Peter M. Siavelis is professor of political science and director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program at Wake Forest University. His publications include The President and Congress in Postauthoritarian Chile and (with Scott Morgenstern) Pathways to Power: Political Recruitment and Candidate Selection in Latin America.


  • Foreword—Alan Angell.
  • Political and Economic Life Under the Rainbow—the Editors.
  • From a Necessary to a Permanent Coalition—P.M. Siavelis.
  • The Alianza's Quest to Win Power Democratically—P. Navia and R. Godoy.
  • Democratizing Chile Through Constitutional Reforms—C.A. Fuentes.
  • The Military and Twenty Years of the Concertación—G. Weeks.
  • Political Reform and Gender Equality—L. Haas and M. Blofield.
  • Human Rights Under the Concertación—C. Collins.
  • Economic Policy and the Ideology of Stability—O. Landerretche Moreno.
  • Fiscal Policy: Promoting Faustian Growth—R. López.
  • Reducing Poverty: Real or Rhetorical Success?—S. Borzutzky, C. Sanhueza, and K. Sehnbruch.
  • Social Policies: From Social Debt to Welfare State?—D. Contreras and K. Sehnbruch.
  • A Precarious Labor Market—K. Sehnbruch.
  • Education: Freedom of Choice or Enterprise?—G. Elacqua and P. González Soto.
  • The Future of the Rainbow Coalition—the Editors.