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Democratization in Hong Kong—and China?

Lynn T. White III
Democratization in Hong Kong—and China?
ISBN: 978-1-62637-535-2
2016/275 pages/LC: 2015044362
"This excellent study provides a highly detailed account and an impressively sophisticated analysis of a timely and policy-relevant issue."—Jacques deLisle, University of Pennsylvania

"Sheds valuable light on the enduring subject of democratization."—Cheng Li, Brookings Institution


Hong Kong and its relationship with China make for a uniquely intriguing study in democratization. What has hindered or caused greater popular sovereignty in Hong Kong? Over what time period and under what conditions could further democratization occur? Addressing these questions through the lens of comparative democratization theories, Lynn White explores Hong Kong’s complicated politics—and how further democratization in Hong Kong could affect China.


Lynn T. White III is professor emeritus and senior research scholar in the Woodrow Wilson Center, Department of Politics, and East Asian Studies Program at Princeton University.


  • Can Comparative Democratization Theory Help Explain Hong Kong's Politics?
  • Exploring Fears of Asset Redistribution.
  • Exploring British and Chinese Legacies.
  • Exploring the Impact of Modern Wealth.
  • Exploring Elite Decisions.
  • Exploring Social Protests.
  • Exploring International Norms.
  • Could Further Democratization in Hong Kong Affect China?