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Development and Agroforestry: Scaling Up the Impacts of Research

Steven Franzel, Peter Cooper, Glenn Denning, and Deborah Eade, editors
Development and Agroforestry: Scaling Up the Impacts of Research
ISBN: 978-0-85598-464-9
2002/202 pages
A Kumarian Press Book


Can local, small-scale development successes can be scaled up to create wider, long-term benefits? Focusing on this question, the chapters in Development and Agroforestry, drawn from the acclaimed journal Development in Practice, explore the experiences of researchers and small-scale farmers involved in agroforestry development projects around the globe.


Steven Franzel is a principal agricultural economist with the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF). Peter Cooper heads the Environmental and Natural Resource Management Programme Area at the International Development Research Centre. Glenn L. Denning is director of ICRAF's Development Division. Deborah Eade is a writer and editor specializing in international development and humanitarian issues.


  • Realising the Potential of Agroforestry: Integrating Research and Development to Achieve Greater Impact—G.L. Denning.
  • Participatory Design of Agroforestry Systems: Developing Farmer Participatory Research Methods in Mexico—J. Haggar, A. Ayala, B. Díaz, and C.U. Reyes.
  • Participatory Domestication of Agroforesty Trees: An Example from the Peruvian Amazon—J.C. Weber, C. Sotelo Montes, H. Vidaurre, I.K. Dawson, and A.J. Simons.
  • Facilitating the Wider Use of Agroforestry for Development in Southern Africa—A. Böhringer.
  • Scaling up Participatory Agroforestry Extension in Kenya: From Pilot Projects to Extension Policy—T.M. Anyonge, C. Holding, K.K. Kareko, and J.W. Kimani.
  • More Effective Natural Resource Management Through Democratically Elected, Decentralised Government Structures in Uganda—T. Raussen, G. Ebong, and J. Musiime.
  • On-Farm Testing and Dissemination of Agroforestry Among Slash-and-Burn Farms in Nagaland, India—M.D. Faminow, K.K. Klein, and Project Operations Unit.
  • Scaling Up the Use of Fodder Shrubs in Central Kenya—C. Wambugu, S. Franzel, P. Tuwei, and G. Karanja.
  • The Landcare Experience in the Philippines: Technical and Institutional Innovations for Conservation Farming—A. R. Mercado, Jr., M. Patindol, and D.P. Garrity.
  • Scaling Up Adoption and Impact of Agroforestry Technologies: Experience from Western Kenya—Q. Noordin, A. Niang, B. Jama, and M. Nyasimi.
  • Scaling Up the Benefits of Agroforestry Research: Lessons Learned and Research Challenges—S. Franzel, P. Cooper, and G.L. Denning.