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Development and Cities

David Westendorff and Deborah Eade, editors
Development and Cities
ISBN: 978-0-85598-465-6
2002/365 pages
A Kumarian Press Book

"A diverse and stimulating collection of papers that discuss the key issues for civil society and urban authorities in regard to achieving sustainable development in cities, and that critically review the role of international agencies."—David Satterthwaite, Human Settlements Programme


The authors of  Development and Cities focus on the political, social, and economic viability of new or alternative approaches to urban management in the South that aim to increase access to adequate levels of basic services and healthy living and working conditions for the growing number of urban poor.


David Westendorff is associate professor and director of the Mid-Sized Cities Policy Research Institute at the University of Memphis. Deborah Eade is a writer and editor specializing in international development and humanitarian issues.


  • Sustainable Cities of the South—D. Eade.
  • Urban Sustainability Under Threat: The Restructuring of the Fishing Industry in Mar del Plata, Argentina—A. Allen.
  • Institutional Innovations for Urban Infrastructural Development: The Indian Scenario—A. Kundu.
  • Institutionalizing the Concept of Environmental Planning and Management: Successes and Challenges in Dar es Salaam—W.J. Komble.
  • Democracy and Social Participation in Latin American Cities—D. Carrión M.
  • Sustainable Development and Democracy in the Megacities—J. Joseph.
  • Unsustainable Development: The Philippine Experience—K. Constantino-David.
  • Sustainable Urban Development in India—D. Mahadevia.
  • Urban Crisis in India: New Initiatives for Sustainable Cities—P.G.D. Chakrabarti.
  • International Cooperation in Pursuit of Sustainable Cities—A. Atkinson.
  • Mainstreaming the Urban Poor in Andhra Pradesh—B. Banerjee.
  • Learning From Informal Markets: Innovative Approaches to Land and Housing Provision—E. Berner.
  • Regulatory Frameworks for Sustainable Development—G. Payne.
  • Cities for the Urban Poor in Zimbabwe: Urban Space as a Resource for Sustainable Development—A. Brown.
  • Innovations for Sustainable Development in Cities of the South: The Habitat-Cuba Approach—C. García Pleyán.
  • Private-Public Partnership, the Compact City, and Social Housing: Best Practice for Whom?—F. Murillo.
  • Residents' Associations and Information Communication Technologies: A Suggested Approach to International Action-Research—C. Ottolini.
  • Monitoring Megacities: The MURBANDY/MOLAND Approach 305—C. Lavalle et al.
  • Some Reflections on the Vocabulary of Urban Management in Mexico and Brazil—H. Riviére d’Arc.
A Kumarian Press Book