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Disability and Aging: Learning from Both to Empower the Lives of Older Adults

Jeffrey S. Kahana and Eva Kahana
Disability and Aging: Learning from Both to Empower the Lives of Older Adults
ISBN: 978-1-62637-590-1
ISBN: 978-1-62637-651-9
2017/251 pages/LC: 2016054971
Disability in Society
"The authors reveal the potential to improve the lives of older adults with disability who have often been overlooked by both gerontological and disability research.... researchers interested in disability across the life course, but particularly in older ages, should consider this book a must-read." —Kenzie Latham-Mintus, Contemporary Sociology

"Offers a much-needed connection between gerontology and disability studies.... Highly recommended."—Choice

"A powerful book... the authors are successful in the difficult job of balancing the sharing of private, revealing stories about their lives while bolstering this with applicable theories and discussing pertinent policies and research that are tackling ways to advance both the aging and disability fields."—Bronwyn Keefe, The Gerontologist

"A wonderful addition to the literature both on disability and on aging."—Mark Sherry, University of Toledo

"A very important work.... It represents a landmark effort to identify and describe common ground in aging and disability studies."—Sara Green, University of South Florida


Choice Outstanding Academic Book!

What is the lived experience of previously healthy older adults as they face disability in late life, and how is disability assimilated in their identity? How do prevailing practices facilitate—or limit—options for elders living with new disabilities?

To address these questions, Jeffrey Kahana and Eva Kahana uniquely synthesize disability and gerontological perspectives to explore both the unfolding challenges of aging and the practices and policies that can enhance the lives of older adults.


Jeffrey S. Kahana is associate professor of history and codirector of the Center on Aging and Policy at Mount Saint Mary College. Eva Kahana is Distinguished University Professor and Pierce T. and Elizabeth D. Robson Professor of the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University, where she also is director of the Elderly Care Research Center.


  • The World of Late-Life Disability.
  • Contextualizing Aging and Disability.
  • Learning from Gerontology.
  • A Life Course Perspective.
  • Adventurous Aging Through International Travel.
  • Managing the Physical Environment.
  • Enhancing Care in the Nursing Home Environment.
  • The Experience of Disability at the End of Life.
  • Toward Better Public Policies.
  • The Promise of Convergence in Gerontology and Disability Studies.