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Disrupting Criminal Networks: Network Analysis in Crime Prevention

Gisela Bichler and Aili E. Malm, editors
Disrupting Criminal Networks: Network Analysis in Crime Prevention
ISBN: 978-1-62637-227-6
ISBN: 978-1-62637-257-3
2015/282 pages/LC: 2015000849
A FirstForumPress Book
Crime Prevention Studies, Vol. 28
"Appealing reading for everyone with an interest in network analysis or crime prevention."—Anita Lavorgna, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books

"Outstanding.... This book shows that network thinking is not a narrow specialty, but in fact covers a broad swath of crime prevention issues. It is essential reading for crime prevention researchers and students alike."—John E. Eck, University of Cincinnati 


Tackling issues that range from disruptive street gangs to online illicit markets, the authors use the insights of network analysis—a sophisticated methodology for illuminating individual and group interconnections—to suggest practical, highly targeted ways to prevent criminal behavior.


Gisela Bichler is professor of criminal justice at California State University, San Bernardino. Aili E. Malm is associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at California State University, Long Beach.


  • Why Networks?—the Editors.
  • Street Gangs and Co-offending Networks—J.M. McGloin and Z. Rowan.
  • Applying Group Audits to Problem-Oriented Policing—M. Sierra-Arevalo and A.V. Papachristos.
  • Network Stability Issues in a Co-Offending Population—C. Morselli, T.U. Grund, and R. Boivin.
  • Identifying Key Actors in Drug Trafficking Networks—D.A. Bright.
  • Predicting Organized Crime Leaders—F. Calderoni.
  • Defection from a Fraud Network—R.R. Faulkner and E.R. Cheney.
  • Discrediting Vendors in Online Criminal Markets—D. Décary-Hétu and D. Laferrière.
  • Vulnerabilities in Online Child Exploitation Networks—K. Joffres and M. Bouchard.
  • Measuring Disruption in Terrorist Communications—S. Bush and G. Bichler.
  • Using Space Syntax to Inform Crime Prevention—L. Summers and S.D. Johnson.
  • Appendix: Networks in a Nutshell—G. Bichler and S. Bush.