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Dissent from War

Robert Ivie
Dissent from War
ISBN: 978-1-56549-240-0
2007/241 pages/LC: 2007019757
A Kumarian Press Book

"An extremely impressive argument for a version of pacifism grounded in solidarity and citizenship. I know of no comparative text providing such compelling dissent against war.... This could be a classic on its subject."—Douglas Kellner, University of California, Los Angeles

"This is scholarship at its best, citizenship in action, a call of conscience from one of our most persuasive advocates for peace."—Stephen John Hartnett, University of Illinois

"Ivie draws on his long-standing expertise in war rhetoric to explain the pervasive failures of modern-day opponents of war. His insightful analysis is not only provocative, but timely in its application to the current US conflict in Iraq.... [It] has appeal for both scholars and those who wish to practice effective dissent."—Carol Winkler, George State University

"In this broad-ranging and compelling book, Ivie challenges the ways we marginalize both dissent from war and peacemaking efforts in general. Dissent from War not only helps us to see the road not taken, but also offers some useful signs for getting there."—George Cheney, University of Utah


The rhetorical presumption of war's necessity, observes Robert Ivie, functions to shame anyone who opposes military action and to portray dissenters as threats to national security. Showing the danger in this, Ivie explores the language of war supporters, soldiers, and antiwar activists and proposes strategies for resisting the dehumanizing language of war propaganda. His aim throughout is to focus attention on dissent from war as a viable and healthy practice of democratic citizenship.


Robert L. Ivie is professor in the Departments of American Studies and Communication and Culture at Indiana University.


  • War is Easy.
  • A Question of Conscience.
  • A Question of Redemption.
  • A Question of Communication.
  • A Question of Citizenship.
  • Making War Difficult.