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Distant Cousins: The Caribbean-Latin American Relationship

Anthony T. Bryan and Andrés Serbin, editors
ISBN: 978-1-57454-003-1
1996/133 pages/LC: 96-28718
Distributed for the North-South Center Press


Profound cultural and political differences exist between Latin America and the Caribbean, despite their geographical proximity. Recent transformations in the global politico-economic system have brought about closer cooperation between the two areas, and this volume provides useful insights into their changing relationship. Contributors represent diverse academic backgrounds and provide a multidisciplinary analysis of topics, including geopolitics, ethnicity, economics, and culture. All those interested in the larger issue of regional cooperation will find the work useful.


Anthony T. Bryan is director of the Caribbean Program and senior research associate at the North-South Center, University of Miami. Andrés Serbin is director of the Venezuelan Institute of Politics and Social Studies and a professor at the School of Sociology and International Relations and the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the Central University of Venezuela.


  • Should Latin America Be Interested in the Caribbean? A Review of the Political Relationship—A. Serbin.
  • Culture and Education in Caribbean-Latin American Relations: A Critique—G. Sankatsing.
  • National Identity and Race in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Comparative Analysis—F. Jácome.
  • Images of the "Other": Caribbean Society through the Eyes of Cuban and West Indian Writers—L. Giménez Saldivia.
  • The Caribbean and Hemispheric Cooperation: A Multilateral Perspective—C.R. Thomas.
  • Widening the Relationship? The Association of Caribbean States—H.S. Gill.
  • The Current and Future Dynamics of Caribbean-Latin American Relations—A.T. Bryan.