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Dynamics of Democracy in Taiwan: The Ma Ying-jeou Years

Kharis Templeman, Yun-han Chu, and Larry Diamond, editors
Dynamics of Democracy in Taiwan: The Ma Ying-jeou Years
ISBN: 978-1-62637-904-6
ISBN: 978-1-62637-911-4
ISBN: 978-1-62637-941-1
2020/420 pages/LC: 2020014995
Published in association with the Project on Taiwan in the Indo-Pacific Region, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
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"Required reading for understanding Taiwan politics." —Tommy Chung-Yin Kwan, Pacific Affairs

"Combines superb historical background and quantitative analysis to illustrate the intricacies of one of the world’s most geopolitically significant democracies." —Marc Marmino, Asian Affairs

"Captures the essence of Taiwan's political and democratic development during the Ma Ying-jeou presidency.... A highly enjoyable read." —Wai Fong Chau, Democratization

"This excellent collective analysis of the Ma Ying-jeou presidency reveals an era of fascinating contradictions.... Highly recommended." —Choice

"Provides valuable insight into the difficult choices faced by Taiwan during the Ma Ying-jeou era ... an important case study for anyone who is interested in the nexus between the international environment and domestic political dynamics." —John Hsieh, University of South Carolina


During the Ma Ying-jeou presidency in Taiwan (2008–2016), confrontations over relations with mainland China stressed the country’s institutions, leading to a political crisis. Nevertheless, its democracy proved to be resilient. The authors of Dynamics of Democracy in Taiwan explore key aspects of the complicated Ma era, including party politics and elections, the sources of Ma's governance challenges, changing public opinion, protest movements, and shifts in the regional balance of power.


Kharis Templeman is research fellow at the Hoover Institution and lecturer in the Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford University. Yun-han Chu (1956-2023) was professor of political science at National Taiwan University, Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute of Political Science at Academia Sinica, and president of the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Larry Diamond is senior fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.


  • The Dynamics of Democracy During the Ma Ying-jeou Era—the Editors.
  • The 2012 Elections—S. Rigger.
  • The DPP in Opposition—A.H.-E. Wang.
  • The KMT in Power—N.F. Batto.
  • The Party System Before and After the 2016 Elections—K. Templeman.
  • The Challenges of Governance—Y.-H. Chu and Y.-T. Chang.
  • Legislative Politics—I. S.-H. Huang and S.-Y. Sheng.
  • Watchdog Institutions—C. Goebel.
  • Managing the Economy—P.-S. Lee.
  • Assessing Support for Democracy—Y.-T. Chang and Y.-H. Chu.
  • Trends in Public Opinion—C.-H. Yu.
  • The Impact of Social Movements—D. Fell.
  • Who Are the Protestors? And Why Are They Protesting?—M.-H. Huang and M. Weatherall.
  • Social Media and Cyber-Mobilization—E.C.-H. Yu and J.-S. Yu.
  • Cross-Strait Relations—S.-Y. Ho.
  • In the Shadow of Great-Power Rivalry—D.P. Chen.