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East Africa and the Horn: Confronting Challenges to Good Governance

Dorina A. Bekoe, editor
East Africa and the Horn: Confronting Challenges to Good Governance
ISBN: 978-1-58826-379-7
2005/163 pages/LC: 2005018303
An International Peace Institute Occasional Paper


Both the obstacles to governance and the opportunities for democratization confronted in East Africa—with its geostrategic importance, porous borders, governments heavily dependent on foreign aid, and some of Africa's longest running conflicts—provide valuable insights into how good governance policies can be implemented effectively throughout the developing world. East Africa and the Horn explores these regional constraints and opportunities, focusing on issues of civil society, the ubiquitous trade in small arms and light weapons, large numbers of refugees, tensions around national identity, and the legacy of U.S. policy.

The authors also underscore the need for even peaceful countries in the region to proactively address potentially destabilizing issues in neighboring states.


Dorina A. Bekoe is on the staff of the Africa Center for Strategic Studies at the National Defense University.


  • Governance in East Africa and the Horn: Confronting the Challenges—D.A. Bekoe.
  • Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Horn: Reducing the Demand—K. Gebrewold and S. Byrne.
  • Refugees in East Africa: Developing an Integrated Approach—Z. Lomo.
  • Kenya's Internally Displaced: Managing Civil Conflict in Democratic Transitions—J.M. Klopp.
  • Nationalism and Identity in Ethiopia and Eritrea: Building Multiethnic States—D. Jacquin-Berdal and A. Mengistu.
  • U.S. Policy in the Horn: Grappling with a Difficult Legacy—R. Iyob and E.J. Keller.
  • Toward Overcoming the Challenges: Policy Recommendations—D.A. Bekoe.