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Ecuador vs. Peru: Peacemaking Amid Rivalry

Monica Herz and João Pontes Nogueira
Ecuador vs. Peru: Peacemaking Amid Rivalry
ISBN: 978-1-58826-075-8
2002/123 pages/LC: 2002017809
An International Peace Institute Occasional Paper
A related title: Ethnopolitics in Ecuador: Indigenous Rights and the Strengthening of Democracy by Melina Selverston-Scher, with a foreword by Luis Macas.

"A must-have on the shelf of any scholar of the Andean region or of mediation and border conflicts in the region."—Jeanne A.K. Hey, Latin American Politics and Society

"A fine contribution not only to Peruvian and Ecuadorian contemporary history but also to the study of Latin American and international mediation.... This book should be in every academic library supporting Latin American or war and peace issues. All academic levels."—Choice


Although the 1995 Cenepa war between Ecuador and Peru was the first military conflict in South America in more than five decades, the Ecuador-Peru relationship might be characterized as one of enduring rivalry—punctuated by the threat of armed combat. In the context of this history of recurrent crises, Herz and Nogueira analyze the mediation process that followed the 1995 war.

The authors first consider the place that the ongoing rivalry occupied in the construction of the national identity of each country; they then explore the reasons that the 1995-1998 mediation process succeeded. The most significant factor in that success, they argue, was increasingly engaged mediators who worked to ensure that not only the objective, but also the subjective aspects of the conflict were addressed to the satisfaction of both parties. Stressing that the strategies employed allowed for (and encouraged) the redefinition of identities and interests, they discuss the significance of the mediation process for the present Latin American security environment.


Monica Herz is lecturer and coordinator of the Graduate Program at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro's Institute of International Relations (IRI). João Pontes Nogueira is assistant professor of international politics at IRI.


  • Introduction.
  • Conflict and Mediation in Historical Perspective.
  • The Cenepa War.
  • The Mediation Process.
  • Conclusion.