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Elusive Equality: Women’s Rights, Public Policy, and the Law, 2nd edition

Susan Gluck Mezey
Elusive Equality: Women’s Rights, Public Policy, and the Law, 2nd edition
ISBN: 978-1-58826-770-2
ISBN: 978-1-62637-674-8
2011/321 pages/LC: 2011009472
Praise for the 1st edition:

"Well-written and coherently organized.... Not only does Mezey situate each issue historically, [but] her scope is broad.... A valuable addition."—Nancy V. Baker, Journal of Politics

"A unique addition to the literature in the field."—Robert W. Langran, Perspectives on Politics

"Deserves a place on course syllabi as required reading."—Susan M. Behuniak, Law and Politics Book Review


Elusive Equality explores how government institutions—the executive branch, the federal courts, Congress, and state legislatures—affect the legal status of women.

In this fully revised and updated edition, Susan Gluck Mezey traces the evolving legal parameters of gender equality from early court rulings through the most recent legislation and judicial decisions. She also examines the broader political context within which critical judicial decisions have been made. Giving thorough attention to issues ranging from education, work, and family to sports, sexual harassment, and reproductive rights, she provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationships among women's rights, public policy, and the law.


Susan Gluck Mezey is professor of political science at Loyola University Chicago. Her publications include Gay Families and the Courts: The Quest for Equal Rights and Disabling Interpretations: Judicial Implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


  • Introduction: Women and Equality.
  • Seeking Constitutional Equality.
  • Eliminating Gender Bias in Education.
  • Securing Workplace Equality.
  • Battling Sexual Harassment at Work.
  • Balancing Work and Family.
  • Attaining Abortion Rights.
  • Preserving Abortion Rights.
  • Is Equality Still Elusive?