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Ending Homelessness: Why We Haven’t, How We Can

Donald W. Burnes and David L. DiLeo, editors
Ending Homelessness: Why We Haven’t, How We Can
ISBN: 978-1-62637-839-1
ISBN: 978-1-62637-533-8
2016/341 pages/LC: 2015043541
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"A comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the complexities of the pervasive social and economic problem of homelessness."—The Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare

"This must-read book asks how our wealthy nation ended up with a pervasive homelessness problem … and suggests what we can do to solve it."—Nan Roman, President and CEO, National Alliance to End Homelessness

"An important book that I couldn't put down ... comprehensive and practical…. Everyone who cares should read it."—Donna Shalala, President, Clinton Foundation

"Ending Homelessness orients newcomers and brings old warriors back up to speed. While it catalogs and explains our modest programmatic successes, it reminds us just how durable homelessness remains, how fundamentally tangled in our political economy and principles of distribution, how sadly normal."—Jim Baumohl, Bryn Mawr College

"A landmark book on homelessness and its causes, dimensions, and urgency."—Mark Yudof, President Emeritus, University of California

"Sure to be enlightening for educators, scholars, and practitioners alike, given the large number of students experiencing poverty and homelessness."—Susan Fuhrman, President, Teachers College, Columbia University

"A key read.... Delivers solid research on some of the innovative approaches to enumerating, servicing, and housing homeless people, as well as ongoing barriers to ending homelessness for good."—Michele Wakin, Bridgewater State University

"Incredibly useful for understanding the situation we are dealing with and what we are trying to do about it."—Amy Donley, University of Central Florida

"An excellent analysis of the US failure to address effectively the problem of homelessness, along with well-thought-out policy recommendations."—Jana Everett, University of Colorado Denver


Despite billions of government dollars spent in the attempt, we are no closer than we were three decades ago to solving the problem of homelessness. Why?

Tackling these questions, the authors of Ending Homelessness explore the complicated and often dysfunctional relationship between efforts to address homelessness and the realities on the street.


Donald W. Burnes is founder of and senior adviser to the Burnes Center on Poverty and Homelessness at the Colorado Center on Law and Poverty. David L. DiLeo is professor emeritus of history and humanities at Saddleback College.

Click here to visit Don Burnes's website, which contains more information about his work.


  • Are We There Yet?—D.W. Burnes.
  • An Individual Experiences Homelessness—M. McHenry-Edrington.
  • The New Demographics of Homelessness—K. Tobin and J. Murphy.
  • Three Decades of Homelessness—M.R. Burt.
  • A Housing First Approach—S. Tsemberis and B.F. Henwood.
  • Special Needs Housing—R.L. Harris.
  • Systems for Homelessness and Housing Assistance—J. Khadduri.
  • Controversies in the Provision of Services—J.A. Wasserman and J.M. Clair.
  • How We've Learned to Embrace Homelessness—D.L. DiLeo
  • Homelessness is About Housing—S. Crowley.
  • Work, Wages, Wealth, and the Roots of Homelessness—B. Hardin.
  • Rights, Responsibilities, and Homelessness—C.J. Whelley and K.W. McCabe.
  • In Pursuit of Quality Data and Programs—T. O'Brien.
  • Public Opinion, Politics, and the Media—P.A.Toro and C. Carlson.
  • Community Planning and the End of Homelessness—S. Batko.
  • The Role of Funders—A. Miskey.
  • Where Do We Go from Here?—D.W. Burnes.