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Escape via Siberia: A Jewish Child’s Odyssey of Survival

Dorit Bader Whiteman, with a foreword by Yaffa Eliach
Escape via Siberia: A Jewish Child’s Odyssey of Survival
ISBN: 978-0-8419-1454-4
1999/219 pages/LC: 99033705
Distributed for Holmes & Meier Publishers

"Dorit Whiteman has filled a gap in Holocaust literature with her moving and comprehensive book."—Gerald Posner, author of Mengele—The Complete Story

"Whiteman enhances an individual's recollection with meticulous research and other interviews to offer a compelling story of one man that is emblematic of his people and of his generation.... A powerful glimpse into the world of the Shoah."—Michael Berenbaum, author of The World Must Know and Witness to the Holocaust

"Riveting reading and important because so little is known about the Kindertransport from Russia."—William B. Helmreich, author of Against All Odds

"An incredible way out of the Holocaust leads a boy to a Siberian labor camp, abandonment in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and then being smuggled out of Teheran to Palestine.... This book is unique for its wartime history and geography, with its myriad encampments in the wilderness before the Promised Land and survival.... A valuable piece of Holocaust history."—Kirkus Reviews


Through the dramatic true story of one boy—Eliott "Lonek" Jaroslawicz—Dorit Bader Whiteman coveys the stories of the dramatic escape of thousands of Polish Jews from the encroaching Nazi menace. Whiteman draws on hours of interviews with Jaroslawicz, as well as extensive archival and other research, to narrate this saga of the only Kindertransport to leave from Russia.


Dorit Bader Whiteman is author of The Uprooted: A Hitler Legacy.