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Europe in the New Century: Visions of an Emerging Superpower

Robert J. Guttman, editor
Europe in the New Century: Visions of an Emerging Superpower
ISBN: 978-1-55587-852-8
2001/268 pages/LC: 00-042554
A EUROPE Magazine Publication

"Guttman's collection of the opinions of commentators specializing in various areas of the European experience is enlightening and engaging."—Allison M. S. Watson, Political Science Quarterly

"[An] accessible overview of the complex EU construction."—Sten Rynning, International Affairs

"Readers are provided with a wealth of diverse and informative insights and assessments.... Europe in the New Century is "must" reading for students of European international relations and economic development."—The Midwest Book Review

"An interesting and eclectic collection of essays examining the future of Europe from the standpoint of politics, economics, diplomacy, and cultural integration."—Booklist

"This remarkable compilation of essays and interviews provides wide-ranging insight and perspectives on the issues that will shape the new Europe—and influence the entire world—in the decades to come."—Lee Hamilton, director, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

"Europe in the New Century is an important, in-depth, and intriguing look at Europe's dynamic future."—Günter Burghardt, ambassador and head of the European Commission delegation, Washington, D.C.


Europe in the New Century is an intriguing look at the future, drawing on the experience and foresight of the leading journalists working in Europe today, as well as the visions of heads of state, government ministers, corporate magnates, entrepreneurs, and young people from each of the fifteen European Union member countries.

The contributors forecast what Europe might look like down the not-too-distant road. Their subjects range from domestic politics to foreign policy, from technology to international trade, with absorbing stops along the way. Entertaining and informative, Europe in the New Century is a must for anyone seeking insight into the trajectory of this new global superpower.


Robert J. Guttman is senior advisor to the publisher at Foreign Policy magazine.


  • Foreword—Romano Prodi.
  • Introduction—R. J. Guttman.
  • Europe in the New Century: A Scenario—L. Barber.
  • The Path to Unity—S. Villes.
  • Differing Views on a United Europe—R. Dale.
  • The Nation-State Redefined—L.B. Fallesen.
  • Enlargement of the European Union: How New EU Members Will Change the Shape of Europe—M. Walker.
  • The Future of Europe's Foreign Policy—M. Walker.
  • The European Union and the World—C. Patten.
  • The New Transatlantic Agenda—L. Barber.
  • The European Union and Asia—R.J. Guttman.
  • The European Union and the Middle East—D. Lennon.
  • Europe and Russia—M. Walker.
  • The European Union: A Leader in Humanitarian and Development Assistance—D. Lennon.
  • The Euro—L. Barber.
  • The Single Market—B. Barnard.
  • Business and the Technologies of the Future—B. Barnard.
  • Creating Jobs for the 21st Century—S. Ladika.
  • Young Europeans: Speaking Out on the 21st Century.
  • Europe's Leaders of Today Discuss the Europe of Tomorrow.