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Everywhere/Nowhere: Gender Mainstreaming in Development Agencies

Rebecca Tiessen
Everywhere/Nowhere: Gender Mainstreaming in Development Agencies
ISBN: 978-1-56549-238-7
2007/217 pages/LC: 2007008656
A Kumarian Press Book
"For the most part, development organizations are gendered institutions built on patriarchal power and privilege, which unfortunately are often assumed to be gender neutral... Today, there is a sense that feminism is passé, that women are not oppressed, and that if there are inequalities, they are part of 'culture'.... Tiessen has very ably demonstrated that for development initiatives to succeed, gender must be front and centre."—Canadian Journal of Development Studies


Everywhere/Nowhere presents a timely reflection on the challenges and opportunities development agencies have faced as they attempt to translate gender mainstreaming policies into practice.


  • Introduction.
  • Definitions and Debates in Gender Mainstreaming Literature.
  • The Gendered Organization.
  • Gender Mainstreaming Strategies: Hiring and Staffing Initiatives.
  • Training and Capacity Building for Gender Mainstreaming.
  • Windows of Opportunity for Transformative Change.
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Environmental Programs.
  • Gender Mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS Programs.
  • From Planning to Practice: Where Does Gender Mainstreaming Happen?