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Explaining ASEAN: Regionalism in Southeast Asia

Shaun Narine
Explaining ASEAN: Regionalism in Southeast Asia
ISBN: 978-1-58826-129-8
2002/239 pages/LC: 2002020150

"Explaining ASEAN is a welcome addition to the growing literature on regionalism in Southeast Asia."—David Capie, International Journal

"Explaining ASEAN is strongly recommended for its clarity, fine scholarship, revealing insights and the thoroughness of its research into ASEAN's strengths and weaknesses."—Alan Dupont, Contemporary Southeast Asia


Is ASEAN the foundation of a strong regional community in Southeast Asia? Or is it no more than an instrument used by its members to advance their individual interests? Addressing these questions, Shaun Narine offers a comprehensive political analysis of ASEAN from its creation in 1967 through the events of 2001.

Reflecting both the accomplishments and the limitations of the organization, Explaining ASEAN explores issues of regional security, economic stability—and the growing expectations of the international community. Narine's trenchant analysis makes it clear that, unless ASEAN can resolve the problems of inadequate resources and disagreements among the member states, its future as an effective, active international regime is doubtful.


Shaun Narine is associate professor of political science at St. Thomas University, Canada.


  • ASEAN: A Regional Community?
  • Institutional Development.
  • Vietnam's Invasion of Cambodia.
  • The Security Environment.
  • The Challenge of the Post-Cold War Era.
  • The East Asian Economic Crisis.
  • Responding to the Crisis.
  • ASEAN in the 21st Century.