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Export Growth in Latin America: Policies and Performance

Carla Macario, with Regis Bonelli, Adriaan ten Kate, and Gunnar Niels
Export Growth in Latin America: Policies and Performance
ISBN: 978-1-55587-759-0
ISBN: 978-1-62637-134-7
2000/189 pages/LC: 00--028260

"For readers who wish to get quickly up to speed on the wide range of programs and policies conditioning export performance in Latin America, this book is the place to start."—Patrice Frako, Latin American Politics and Society

"This volume, based on a carefully structured research design, represents a significant addition to the literature on dynamic gains from trade liberalization."—Dilmus James


Although Latin American and Caribbean countries have assigned a high priority to increasing exports in recent years—substantially transforming their economies in the process—export performance in most cases remains deficient. This book investigates why this is so, identifying the policies that determine successes and failures in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Each country case study focuses systematically on the macroeconomic environment, its trade and export promotion policies, and the influence of those policies on firms' export behavior. The authors also consider the learning experiences of firms that successfully change their practices in order to compete in global markets. A concluding chapter offers policy recommendations for enhancing export performance within the bounds of the Uruguay Round Agreements.


Carla Macario is senior economist at the International Monetary Fund.


  • Introduction—C. Macario.
  • Mexico: Export Promotion Policies on the Cutting Edge—A. ten Kate, C. Macario, and G. Niels.
  • Chile: In Search of a New Export Drive—C. Macario.
  • Brazil: The Challenge of Improving Export Performance—R. Bonelli.
  • Colombia: Regaining the Upper Hand in Export Promotion—C. Macario.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations: Policies for Export Growth—C. Macario.
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