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Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution: Toward a Multidimensional Approach

Rachel M. Goldberg, editor
Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution: Toward a Multidimensional Approach
ISBN: 978-1-62637-274-0
ISBN: 978-1-62637-505-5
2016/227 pages/LC: 2015038775
A Kumarian Press Book
"Offers a unique lens to look at conflict resolution and mediation skills.... One clear and highly valuable intention of this volume is to link its content and its findings to teaching." —Muriel Schmid, Peace & Change

"Essential reading.... This book presents what master practitioners have long known, but too rarely acknowledged in writing—that religious and spiritual approaches can support conflict resolution. Equally important, it goes on to explain how."—Susan Allen, George Mason University


What would the work of conflict resolution look like if practitioners not only recognized that it is impossible for them to be neutral—and that there are dangers in believing otherwise—but also brought their whole selves to the negotiation table?

Focusing on this question, the authors of Faith and Practice in Conflict Resolution introduce the work of pathbreaking individuals who have successfully moved beyond the constraints of the objectivist paradigm to tap into the insights that their spiritual roots, their emotions, and even their bodies can contribute. The book presents an important new framework for whole, multidimensional practice, along with concrete techniques for promoting peace.


Rachel M. Goldberg is assistant professor of conflict studies at DePauw University.


  • Faith and Practice Multidimensional Practice in Conflict Resolution—R.M. Goldberg.
  • A Possible Framework for Multidimensional Practice—R.M. Goldberg and B. Blancke.
  • The Buddha's Teachings on the Personal Qualities of a Conflict Resolver—G.D. Bowling.
  • Christians as Conflict Engagement Practitioners—M.B. Sipes
  • Developing Embodied Awareness and Action in Conflict Resolution—J. Morelli and C. Fitz.
  • Staying with Emotions in Conflict Practice: Opening a Space In-Between—J. Meeker.
  • Supporting Creative, Whole Peacebuilders: An Apprenticeship Program—J.P. Lederach, R.M. Goldberg, Y. Abeledo, K. Mansfield, L. Taylor, M.L. Zapata, and M. Leguro.
  • The Inner Spirit of Peacemaking: A New Training Imperative—L. Diamond.
  • Concluding Reflections—B. Blancke and R.M. Goldberg.