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Famine, Conflict and Response: A Basic Guide

Frederick C. Cuny, with Richard B. Hill
Famine, Conflict and Response:  A Basic Guide
ISBN: 9781656490901
1999/175 pages/LC: 9849090
A Kumarian Press  Book
"Fred Cuny's first book, Disasters and Development, has become essential reading for all relief workers. This book, Famine, Conflict, and Response, sets an even higher level of achievement. It is an extraordinary guide to understanding the political, social, and economic dynamics of famine and provides comprehensive strategies for integrating and responding to famine. It is a must read for all relief and development professionals!"—Julia V. Taft, US Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration


Famine, Conflict, and Response is a practical guide to finding lasting solutions for famine and world hunger. Frederick Cuny's innovative economic approach to countering famine revolves around people's livelihoods, not just their survival, allowing permanent rather than short-term solutions. His ideas were well ahead of his time—and they remain relevant today, as is clear in this book.


Fred Cuny, a well-known disaster relief practitioner and tireless humanitarian, disappeared in Chechnya in 1995.


  • Famine and its Causes.
  • Consequences of Famine.
  • Geography of Famine.
  • Societal Responses to Famine.
  • Early-Warning and Monitoring Systems.
  • Approaches to Famine Relief.
  • Counterfamine Operations: Preemptive and Containment Strategies.
  • Income-Generating Projects.
  • Emergency Response.
  • Food-Relief Programs.
  • Famine Logistics.
  • Assessment and Monitoring.
  • Operational Issues.
  • Famine Operations During Conflicts.