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Fellowships in International Affairs: A Guide to Opportunities in the United States and Abroad

Women in International Security
ISBN: 978-1-55587-517-6
1994/196 pages
7 x 10-inch format
No examination copies available

"Provides an important link to the many foundations and granting agencies that fund political and social research."—Choice

"A wonderful resource for graduate students and scholars in international relations. WIIS has performed a great service."—Judith Reppy

"An invaluable resource. This is a 'must' for both graduate students and scholars interested in fellowship or grant opportunities in international affairs."—Rozanne Ridgway


At a time of increasingly intense competition for research opportunities and access to careers in international affairs, Fellowships in International Affairs is an indispensable directory of fellowships and grants for graduate students, scholars, and practitioners alike. With nearly 200 entries, the guide offers a concise overview of traditional as well as lesser-known grants and fellowships in international security, development, international relations, and area studies.

This handy reference tool takes the guesswork out of finding and applying for research support by clarifying the qualifications, deadlines, and conditions for each grant or fellowship listed. Organized alphabetically by granting institution, the entries are also indexed by geographic focus, academic/career qualifications, and grant name. There are many helpful hints on how to apply for support and navigate the maze of competition for research opportunities. A select bibliography identifies alternate resources; and a sample cover letter, c.v., and essay "On the Art of Writing Proposals" will prove especially helpful to "first timers."


Women in International Security (WIIS) is an international, nonpartisan network and educational program dedicated to enhancing opportunities for women working in the fields of foreign and defense policy. WIIS serves as a clearinghouse of information about the roles and contributions of women to the international security dialogue. Funded by the Ford Foundation and other donors, WIIS is based at the Center for International and Security Studies at the School of Public Affairs, University of Maryland at College Park.