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Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries: Strategies and Analysis

Bertram I. Spector, editor
Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries: Strategies and Analysis
ISBN: 978-1-56549-202-8
2005/300 pages/LC: 2005000405
A Kumarian Press Book

"A timely review of the progress made during the past decade in the fight against corruption in developing countries. Invaluable lessons are shared by the contributors which enable both government and private sector practitioners to be more effective in combating corruption."—Stephen D. Potts, Ethics Resource Center


In stark contrast to standard holistic studies of corruption, Fighting Corruption in Developing Countries argues that examining the issue through the lens of nine key development sectors—education, agriculture, energy, environment, health, justice, private business, political parties and public finance—-will help us to understand the problem realistically and identify concrete initiatives that are likely to have an impact. The book concludes with practical and policy-oriented suggestions for corruption control that minimize the risk of "recorrupting" forces that often threaten to reverse gains.


Bertram I. Spector is anticorruption practice leader at Management Systems International. His recent books include Negotiating Peace and Confronting Corruption: Challenges for Postconflict Societies.


  • Foreword—Madalene O’Donnell.
  • Justice System—M.N. Pepys.
  • Political Parties—V. Belechinger.
  • Health Care—T. Vian.
  • Education—D.W. Chapman.
  • Public Finance—M. Schaeffer.
  • Environment and Natural Resources—S. Winbourne.
  • Energy—M. Ruth.
  • Private Sector—R. Webster.
  • Agriculture—R.J. Frank.
  • Sectoral Synthesis—S. Schwenke.
  • Corruption and the Delivery of Health and Education Services—O. Azfar.
  • Learning Across Cases: Trends in Anticorruption Strategies—B.I. Spector, M. Johnston, and P. Dininio.
  • The Risks of Recorruption—P. Dininio.