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Fighting Poverty: The Development-Employment Link

Rizwanul Islam, editor
Fighting Poverty: The Development-Employment Link
ISBN: 978-1-58826-396-4
2006/521 pages/LC: 2005018521

“One of the best contributions to development strategy in recent years.... Islam and his colleagues deserve sincere thanks for providing us with such a rich intellectual pabulum.” —Navin Chandra, Indian Journal of Labour Economics

“Presents compelling arguments and detailed evidence for why employment should be featured in any development agenda.... It should be widely read and carefully studied.”—James Heintz, Development and Change

"Required reading for policymakers contemplating policy and institutional reforms that use economic growth as a means of reducing global poverty.... Highly recommended."—Choice


While it has become abundantly clear that neither overall economic growth nor targeted microlevel interventions inevitably reduce poverty in developing countries, much of the development literature continues to focus on these two approaches. Exploring a third, and more promising, avenue, Fighting Poverty offers a systematic analysis of the link between employment and pro-poor economic growth.

The authors provide both conceptual frameworks and rich empirical evidence to demonstrate precisely how employment can serve to link growth with poverty reduction. They include in-depth case studies of Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Uganda, and Vietnam.


Rizwanul Islam is director of the Employment Strategy Department of the International Labour Organization.


  • Introduction—R. Islam.
  • Exploring the Employment Nexus: The Analytics of Pro-Poor Growth—S.R. Osmani.
  • The Nexus of Economic Growth, Employment, and Poverty Reduction: An Empirical Analysis—R. Islam.
  • Employment Policies for Poverty Reduction—A. Rahman Khan.
  • Bangladesh: Linkages Between Economic Growth, Employment, and Poverty—R. Rahman and K.M. N. Islam.
  • Bolivia: Employment-Poverty Linkages and Policies—L.C. Jemio and M. del Carmen Choque.
  • Ethiopia: Growth, Employment, Poverty, and Policies—M. Demeke, F. Guta, and T. Ferede.
  • India: Employment-Poverty Linkages and Policy Options—K. Sundaram and S.D. Tendulkar.
  • Indonesia: Poverty, Employment, and Wages—I. Islam.
  • Uganda: Economic Growth, Employment, Poverty, and Pro-Poor Policies—K.I.B. Kabananukye, A.E.K. Kabananukye, J. Krishnamurty, and D. Owomugasho.
  • Vietnam: Employment Poverty Linkages and Policies for Pro-Poor Growth—P.L.Huong, B.Q. Tuan, and D.H. Minh.
  • Implications for Public Policy—R. Islam.