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Florida 2000: A Sourcebook on the Contested Presidential Election

Mark Whitman, editor
Florida 2000: A Sourcebook on the Contested Presidential Election
ISBN: 978-1-58826-204-2
2003/349 pages/LC: 2003043179
"A clear description of the legal process at work in 2000."—Charles L. Zelden, The Journal of Southern History

"An original and worthwhile contribution to the universe of Election 2000 books.... Whitman's selection of legal documents is impressive and quite comprehensive.... His description of events recreates a timeline that is easy to follow and serves as a valuable reminder of exactly how the developments occurred."—Stephen K. Medvic, Political Science Quarterly

"Presents an excellent selection of the essential legal briefs and commentaries surrounding the 2000 Florida election. Insightful introductions and analyses, along with an array of appendixes, make this a valuable reference that almost all libraries—college and university, law, and public—will want to own."—Robert Goehlert, Indiana University Main Library


Florida 2000 offers a clear, but also nuanced, account of the legal and constitutional issues surrounding the disputed presidential election. Combining original sources with analyses, Mark Whitman traces the major developments in the Bush-Gore struggle.

Section introductions and commentaries synthesize the often complex material, while editor's notes provide context for each selection. The appendixes include a comprehensive chronology of events, maps, and detailed election returns for both the state and the entire country.


Mark Whitman is professor of history at Towson University. His publications include The Irony of Desegregation Law: 1955-1995 and Removing a Badge of Slavery: The Record of Brown v. Board of Education.


  • Introduction to Part 1—M. Whitman.
  • Bad Intent—A. Sullivan.
  • The Butterfly Debacle—Staff of the Washington Post.
  • Was Gore's Strategy in Florida Constitutional?
  • The Forgotten Circuit Court Dissents: Judge Gerald Tjoflat in Touchton v. McDermott and Judge Ed Carnes in Siegel v. LePore.
  • Introduction to Part 2—M. Whitman.
  • Joint Brief of Vice President Gore and the Florida Democratic Party.
  • Brief of Secretary of State Katherine Harris.
  • Brief of Intervenor George W. Bush.
  • Decision: Palm Beach County Canvassing Board v. Harris.
  • Reactions to Palm Beach County Canvassing Board v. Harris: Michael McConnell and Cass R. Sunstein.
  • Comment: Was the Secretary Right About Manual Recounts?—M. Whitman.
  • Introduction to Part 3—M. Whitman.
  • Delahunt v Johnston: The Crucial Precedent?
  • Judge Charles Burton Testifies in Judge Jorge LaBarga's Court.
  • Too Close to Call—J. Toobin.
  • Arguing About the Overseas Absentee Ballots.
  • Introduction to Part 4—M. Whitman.
  • Brief of the Florida House and Senate, Amici Curiae.
  • Testimony of Professor Bruce Ackerman.
  • Before the Supreme Court: The Oral Argument.
  • Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board.
  • Reactions to Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board: Cass R. Sunstein and Stuart Taylor, Jr.
  • More Supreme Than Court? The Fall of the Political Question Doctrine and the Rise of Judicial Supremecy—R.E. Barkow.
  • Introduction to Part 5—M. Whitman.
  • The Trial Testimony.
  • Judge Sauls Decides Gore v. Harris.
  • Four Justices Revers Judge Sauls.
  • Comment: Were Gore's Contest Claims Justified?—M. Whitman.
  • Introduction to Part 6—M. Whitman.
  • The Bush Brief in Bush v. Gore.
  • The Gore Brief.
  • The Oral Argument.
  • Final Judicial Opinions: Bush v. Gore.
  • On Remand from the United States Supreme Court.
  • Reactions to Buch v. Gore: Akhil Reed Amir, Anthony Amsterdam, and Nelson Lund.
  • Comment: Was the Court's Decision Sound and Principled?—M. Whitman.
  • The Whys and the Wherefores—M. Whitman.
  • Appendixes: Chronology of the Bush-Gore Dispute. The U.S. Presidential Election of 2000: Electoral and Popular Vote Totals by State. Map of the Disputed State and Counties: Florida 2000. Offical Results in Florida by County.