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Foreign Aid Toward the Millennium

Steven W. Hook, editor
ISBN: 978-1-55587-504-6
1996/269 pages/LC: 96-14827

"Tightly edited by one of America's foremost scholars of foreign aid, this very valuable collection centres around detailed accounts of the main donors ... and of some significant aid- receiving areas..."—Peter Burnell, Democratization

"What emerges is a clear picture of the widening gap between the poorest recipients, primarily those in sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South Asia, and the more prosperous, including the NICs.... a well-written book that should appeal to those interested in foreign aid."— Mak Arvin, Development Policy Review


Like world politics itself, the foreign-assistance regime of the late 1990s is characterized by fundamental change and widespread uncertainty. This book confronts these changes and considers, cross-nationally, how donor and recipient states are adapting their aid relationships to the transformed geopolitical environment.

Combining the expertise of both area specialists and those focusing on general issues of political economy, the book reviews the evolving aid strategies of major donors, then considers aid issues as they affect traditional and new aid recipients. All types of aid are considered, including official development assistance, military aid, and multilateral and private assistance. The final chapter addresses the changing functional aspects of aid, including the prospects for development assistance and arms transfers and the obstacles to sound economic development and cooperation between rich and poor states.


Steven W. Hook is assistant professor of political science at Kent State University.


  • Introduction: Foreign Aid in a Transformed World—S.W. Hook.
  • Rethinking Economic Aid—R.E. Wood.
  • From Military Aid to Military Markets—M.T. Klare and D. Volman.
  • The Assault on U.S. Foreign Aid—R.F. Zimmerman and S. W. Hook.
  • Japan's Emergence as a Foreign-Aid Superpower—A. Rix.
  • Cross-Pressures in Western European Foreign Aid—M.L. Brown and J. M. O'Connor.
  • The Disillusionment of Nordic Aid—K. V. Laatikainen.
  • The Rise and Fall of OPEC Aid—T. Luke.
  • Aid and Reform in the Former Second World—J.R. Wedel.
  • The Fragmentation of Foreign Aid to South Asia—D.I. Steinberg.
  • Foreign-Aid Posturing in Francophone Africa—P.J. Schraeder.
  • Aid and Developmentalism in Southern Africa—G. Hyden.
  • Progressive Aid to Latin America?—D.L. Cingranelli and S.P. Gomez.
  • Foreign Aid and the Illogic of Collective Action—S.W. Hook.