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Foreign Policy Analysis Beyond North America

Klaus Brummer and Valerie M. Hudson, editors
Foreign Policy Analysis Beyond North America
ISBN: 978-1-62637-197-2
2015/242 pages/LC: 2015473464
"A refreshing corrective to U.S. dominance in the study of FPA.... A great resource for scholars and students in IR who would like to expand their horizons and delve into new literatures beyond North American FPA."—Balkan Devlen, Perspectives on Poltics

"This is the first significant attempt to examine the state of a key subfield of international relations in areas outside of North America.... It also provides a treasure trove of resources for further reading and promises to spark new and innovative research designs."—Trevor Rubenzer, University of South Carolina

"This unique book deserves a place in the libraries of universities around the world as an important reference work for specialists in foreign policy analysis and international relations theory."—Stephen G. Walker, Arizona State University


North American scholars typically do not hesitate to make pronouncements about foreign policy processes and outcomes in other countries. And despite ample evidence to the contrary, the perception that foreign policy analysis is still largely a North American scholarly enterprise persists. Foreign Policy Analysis Beyond North America challenges this perception, providing a rich overview of work by scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and also highlighting theoretical and empirical insights that may catalyze new waves of progress in the field.


Klaus Brummer is chair of international relations at the Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt. Valerie M. Hudson is professor and George H.W. Bush Chair in the School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University.


  • Foreign Policy Analysis Beyond North America—V. M. Hudson.
  • Foreign Policy Analysis in China—H. Feng.
  • Japan Through the Lens of Foreign Policy Analysis—Y. Miyagi.
  • Foreign Policy Analysis in India—S. Ganguly and M S. Pardesi.
  • Foreign Policy Analysis and the Arab World—R. Hinnebusch.
  • Foreign Policy Processes in African States—K.G. Adar.
  • Latin American Foreign Policy Analysis—R. Giacalone.
  • North American and European Foreign Policy Analysis—A. Hadfield and V. M. Hudson.
  • Implications for Mainstream FPA Theory—K. Brummer.