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Gender Analysis in Development Planning: A Case Book

Aruna Rao, Mary B. Anderson, and Catherine A. Overholt, editors
Gender Analysis in Development Planning: A Case Book
ISBN: 978-0-931816-61-1
1991/103 pages/LC: 91-31013
A Kumarian Press Book
"Should enable students and planners to think about women's daily activities, their access to resources, and their control over the scarce commodities that sustain life."—Choice

"A wealth of information on how to incorporate the gender variable into development projects."—Abstracts of Public Administration, Development, and Environment


These practical cases studies from India provide innovative management strategies, as well as planning and evaluation techniques, sensitive to gender issues. The cases are open-ended, enabling readers to exercise their problem-solving skills and encouraging them to reach their own solutions to the problems posed.


Aruna Rao, director of Gender at Work, serves on the board of directors of CIVICUS. Mary B. Anderson retired from her position of executive director of CDA Collaborative Learning Projects in 2009. Catherine A. Overholt is an economist who specializes in assisting development agencies with gender issues, health issues, and case-method training.


  • Introduction.
  • Gender Analysis Framework.
  • Bangladesh: The Chandpur Irrigation Project.
  • India: Access to Schooling in Ambakach.
  • India: The Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme.
  • Indonesia: The P2WIK-UNDP Batik Project.
  • Philippines: The Aslong Irrigation Project.
  • Thailand: The Saraburi Dairy Farming Project.