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Getting Nuclear Weapons Right: Managing Danger and Avoiding Disaster

Stephen J. Cimbala
Getting Nuclear Weapons Right: Managing Danger and Avoiding Disaster
ISBN: 978-1-62637-712-7
ISBN: 978-1-62637-720-2
2018/269 pages/LC: 2017038823
"Excellent.... a comprehensive analysis that includes a thorough examination of nuclear crisis management in the information age. Highly recommended." —Choice

"The most comprehensive and objective discussion that I have seen of the role of nuclear weapons in the international system."—Lawrence J. Korb, Center for American Progress

"Elegant, precise, and balanced.... The issues at stake are very high, and this new survey and tour of the horizon is welcome."—Paul K. Davis, RAND Graduate School of Policy Studies


Can we avoid nuclear war? Why are we more at risk today than at the end of the Cold War? Can the world powers work together to ensure international stability? Stephen Cimbala provides a comprehensive assessment of these complex issues, ranging from the prospects for nuclear abolition, to the management of nuclear crises, to the imperative need for nuclear arms control worldwide.


Stephen J. Cimbala is distinguished professor of political science at Penn State University Brandywine. His recent publications include War Games: US-Russian Relations and Nuclear Arms Control.


  • Getting Nuclear Weapons Right.
  • Alternative Nuclear Regimes.
  • Nuclear Abolition: Realistic Aspiration or Pipe Dream?
  • Minimum Deterrence: How Low Can Arsenals Go?
  • Controlling Nuclear War: A Paradoxical Imperative.
  • Nuclear Proliferation: Challenging International Order.
  • US-Russian Nuclear Arms Control and Missile Defense.
  • Getting China on Board: An Arms Control Trifecta?
  • NATO: Past Accomplishments, New Challenges.
  • Nuclear Crisis Management in the Information Age.
  • The Third Offset Strategy and Nuclear Weapons.
  • Managing Danger, Avoiding Nuclear Disaster.
  • Appendix:  A Decisionmaking Exercise by the US Army War College.