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Global Restructuring, Employment, and Social Inequality in Urban Latin America

Richard Tardanico and Rafael Menjívar Larín, editors
ISBN: 978-1-57454-019-2
1997/295 pages/LC: 97-30442
Distributed for the North-South Center Press


Despite new opportunities arising from transformations in the global economic and political arenas in the 1990s, Latin American states have become more vulnerable to transnational capital movements and market shifts. Without the implementation of vigorous, innovative policies to promote social equality and upgrade national infrastructures, economic growth will yield widening inequalities both within and between nations.

This volume's multidisciplinary cast of authors uses a comparative framework to explore the implications of global transformations and national development policies for urban employment and social inequality in Latin America. Using the cases of Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina, the authors examine socioeconomic change in labor markets, including issues of privatization, industry and export transformations, growth of precarious and informal employment, gender realignments, and territorial reorganization.


Richard Tardanico is associate professor of sociology at Florida International University. Rafael Menjívar Larín is academic coordinator of FLACSO-Costa Rica.


From Crisis to Restructuring: Latin American Development and Urban Employment in World Perspective—R. Tardanico. The Dominican Republic: Politico-Economic Transformation, Employment, and Poverty—J. Itzigsohn. Continuities and Discontinuities in Costa Rican Urban Employment—R. Tardanico and M. Lungo. Economic Crisis, State Policy, and Labor-Market Change: The Case of Urban Venezuela—V.F.Cortz and M. Lacabana. Chile: Neoliberal Policy, Socioeconomic Reorganization, and Urban Labor Market—A. Díaz. Argentina: State Policy and the Urban Labor Market—R. Cortés. Socioeconomic Transformation and Labor Markets in Urban Mexico—O. de Oliveira and B. Garcia. Restructuring, Employment, and Social Inequality: Comparative Urban Latin American Patterns—R. Tardanico and R. Menjívar Larín.