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Globalization and Change in Asia

Dennis A. Rondinelli and John M. Heffron, editors
Globalization and Change in Asia
ISBN: 978-1-58826-473-2
ISBN: 978-1-58826-497-8
2007/229 pages/LC: 2006022407
Published in association with the Pacific Basin Research Center, Soka University of America

"Rondinelli and Heffron's book is an eye opener.... It is an essential read for those who are genuinely interested in knowing about the impacts and trends of globalisation in the Asia Pacific Basin.” —Naresh Chandra Sahu, Development Policy Review

"This rich book goes beyond the usual superficial discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of globalization to focus on the actual dynamic relationship between global forces and Asian adjustments."—Ming Wan, George Mason University

"A fresh and integrative look at the critical challenges of globalization in Asia."—Paul Smoke, New York University


Globalization and Change in Asia explores three decades of adjustment on the part of governments, civil society, and the private sector to the complex new forces of international competition.

Recognizing that the benefits of globalization have not accrued equally to all Asian countries, nor to all stratums of society, the authors seek lessons that can help shape development policy to effect the greatest good. Thus, they focus on the essential ingredients of the most broadly successful globalization strategies—strategies that can most optimally respond to the economic, social, and technological challenges that lay ahead.


The late Dennis A. Rondinelli was a senior research scholar at Duke University's Center for International Development and director of the Pacific Basin Research Center at Soka University of America. John M. Heffron is professor of history at Soka University and associate director of the Pacific Basin Research Center.


  • Adjusting to Globalization: Change and Transformation in Asia—the Editors.
  • Global Crossroads: A Shared History of Globalization in the Asia Pacific Region—J.M. Heffron.
  • Globalization and the Asian Economic Response—D.A. Rondinelli.
  • Regional Economic Integration in East Asia—K.G. Cai.
  • Globalizing Asian Business: Dynamics of Change and Adjustment—H.W.-C. Yeung.
  • Information Technology and Economic Development Strategy—S.M. Lee.
  • Adjusting to Globalization Through Skills Development Strategies—S. Kuruvilla.
  • Inclusive Governance and Democracy in Asia: Transition and Challenges —G.S. Cheema.
  • E-Government: Applications of Technology to Government Services—C.G. Wescott.
  • Mobilizing Social Capital: Community Responses to Globalization—A. Krishna.
  • Social Protection Policies: Making Globalization Work for All—I. Ortiz.
  • Sustaining Progress in a Globalizing Society: Lessons from Asia—the Editors.

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