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Globalization and Social Exclusion: A Transformationalist Perspective

Ronaldo Munck
Globalization and Social Exclusion: A Transformationalist Perspective
ISBN: 978-1-56549-193-9
ISBN: 978-1-56549-192-2
ISBN: 978-1-56549-617-0
2004/190 pages/LC: 2004015692
A Kumarian Press Book
"Munck has written a comprehenshive and cogent road map of globalization that places inequality at the forefront."—Mary Romero, Arizona State University

"This is not simply one more book on globalization but a radical, scholarly, and engaged attempt to say something new about exactly how the present form of capitalist globalization does not minimize social exclusion, as its proponents claim, but actually intensifies it all over the world."—Leslie Sklair, London School of Economics

"Amid the vast array of manifestos, scholarly essays, anthologies, and books that have been made available since the late 90s, Munck's book marks itself as a useful cognitive map of these 'interesting times.' A distinguished sociologist ... has benefitted from his own hindsight and from the lessons of recent history."—Kasarinlan


When global economies integrate, what disintegrates as a result? The answer, Ronaldo Munck contends, is social equality.

To illustrate how globalization deepens existing inequities, Munck focuses on disparities in living conditions; the feminization of poverty; the global sex trade; the effects of racism, migration, and multiculturalism; and the formation and political manifestations of social class. He boldly develops a politics and ethics of transformation, suggesting tools to transform society from within and create a more democratic and just global order.


Ronaldo Munck is head of civic and global engagement at Dublin City University.


  • Globalization—Threat or Opportunity?
  • Social Exclusion—The New Poverty?
  • Global Integration/Social Disintegration.
  • Global Places/Space of Exclusion.
  • Gender and Global Inequality, Race, Migration, and Citizenship.
  • Class, Inequality, and Exclusion.
  • Beyond Social Exclusion.