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Globalization in Africa: Recolonization or Renaissance?

Pádraig Carmody
Globalization in Africa: Recolonization or Renaissance?
ISBN: 978-1-58826-740-5
ISBN: 978-1-62637-105-7
2010/196 pages/LC: 2010018932
"This ... densely-packed and well-structured book guides the reader to several vantage points from which to observe and consider Africa’s interface with globalization."—Oscar H. Blayton, Sudan Studies Association Bulletin

"Thoughtful and original, this well-argued book makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of the new—and not so new—dynamics that are currently being played out in Africa."—Ian Taylor, Journal of Modern African Studies

"An important contribution to our understanding of how current global economic forces are impacting economies on the African continent.... This well written and cogently argued book will benefit those who wish to better understand the complex interplay of factors ... which together produce Africa’s current economic contradictions."—John Reid-Hresko, African Geographical Review

"An innovative and provocative book ... wide ranging and engaging, it offers a fresh and challenging interpretation of key issues of concern in contemporary Africa."—Marcus Power


Is globalization good for Africa? Pádraig Carmody explores the evolving nature and impact of globalization throughout the continent, as China, the US, and other economic powers exert their influence.

Drawing especially on the cases of Chad, Sudan, and Zambia, Carmody considers whether the resource curse that has for so long plagued Africa can become a blessing. He also evaluates the impact of the information technology revolution and the recent global economic slowdown. In the context of carefully articulated historical dynamics, he provocatively assesses the new role of Africa in the global economy.


Pádraig Carmody is associate professor of geography at Trinity College, Dublin. He is author of Neoliberalism, Civil Society and Security in Africa.


  • Introduction.
  • Chinese and US Interests in Africa (with Francis Owusu).
  • The Commodity Boom.
  • The Scramble for Oil: Insights from Chad and Sudan.
  • Overcoming the Resource Curse: The Zambian Case
  • The Mobile Phone Revolution.
  • Global Turbulence and African Growth.