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God's Angry Babies [a novel]

Ian G. Strachan
ISBN: 978-0-89410-828-0
ISBN: 978-0-89410-829-7
1997/296 pages/LC: 96-7474

"[Strachan] has a tremendous gift and a voice that cannot easily be dismissed or ignored; and while we may pretend to be shocked by what he has said, we may privately admit that he has merely said what many of us have been dying to say all along.”—Krista Walkes


This coming-of-age novel by the accomplished Bahamian writer Ian G. Strachan traces the life of Tree Bodie as he grows up in the Yellow and White House and the nameless streets of Pompey Village, far (though not in distance) from the sanitized world of Santa Maria's luxury hotels.

Against the backdrop of the internal struggles of a Caribbean island nation, Strachan tells the story of Tree's adventures (and misadventures) "backadabush," his joys and pains, the conflicts within his family, and his ambivalent involvement in Santa Marian politics. Sometimes in Strachan's own voice, sometimes in Tree's, and often as seen by the iron-willed Maureen Bodie (Tree's mother), the air, the scenes, even the language of Pompey Village—and the triumphs and disasters of the people who live there—become palpable.


I. G. Strachan is lecturer in English at the College of the Bahamas. His plays include No Seeds in Babylon, performed both in Nassau and in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Fatal Passage, televised nationally by the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. God’s Angry Babies is his first novel.