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Gods, Guns, and Globalization: Religious Radicalism and International Political Economy

Mary Ann Tétreault and Robert A. Denemark, editors
Gods, Guns, and Globalization: Religious Radicalism and International Political Economy
ISBN: 978-1-58826-253-0
ISBN: 978-1-58826-972-0
2004/344 pages/LC: 2004001831
International Political Economy Yearbook, Vol.13


Is it accurate to equate "fundamentalism" with antimodernism? What explains the growing importance of religious activists in world politics? Guns, Gods, and Globalization explores the multifaceted phenomenon of religious resurgence, ranging from the Christian right in the U.S. to ethnonationalist movements across North Africa and Asia. The authors' focus on the complex relationship between religious revivalism and globalization results in a nuanced study of religious political movements as they emerge in the context of rapid socioeconomic change.


Mary Ann Tétreault is Una Chapman Cox Distinguished Professor of International Affairs at Trinity University. She is author of Politics and Society in Contemporary Kuwait and coeditor of the two-volume Feminist Approaches to Social Movements, Community, and Power. Robert A. Denemark is associate professor of political science at the University of Delaware. His publications include Constituting International Political Economy and The Underdevelopment of Development, and he serves as associate editor of International Perspectives.


  • Contending Fundamentalisms: Religious Revivalism and the Modern World—M.A. Tétreault.
  • The Religious Right Reacts to Globalization—C. Gallaher.
  • The Christian Right, Globalization, and the "Natural Family"—D.E. Buss.
  • The Triangle of Conflict: Fundamentalisms in Israel and the Territories—R. Reuveny.
  • To be Modern, but in the "Indian" Way: Hindu Nationalism—S. Biswas.
  • Modernity, Civil Society, and Religious Resurgence in South Asia—M.K. Pasha.
  • Globalization, Modernization, and the Islamic Salvation Front in Algeria—B. Dillman.
  • Islamism and Iran's Postrevolutionary Economy: The Case of the BonyadsS. Maloney.
  • Globalization, Islamization, and Women's Employment—R. Bahramitash.
  • Falun Gong and the Threat of History—A. Frank.
  • Fundamentalisms and the Global Political Economy—R.A. Denemark.