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Green Logic: Ecopreneurship, Theory, and Ethics

Robert Isaak
Green Logic: Ecopreneurship, Theory, and Ethics
ISBN: 978-1-56549-095-6
1999/144 pages
A Kumarian Press Book


Green Logic seeks to highlight the key questions regarding entrepreneurship and sustainability in terms of motivation, government intervention, and ethics. Robert Issak examines how "green logic" works, how it differs from other logics, and how green thinking can be targeted in order to create environmentally responsible business in an era of rapid change. Key questions addressed in depth include: What are the minimal ethical principles to guide environmental living and working? What motives and obstacles characterize ecopreneurship? What principles of creativity and entrepreneurship can be used as tools? In short, what does it really take to motivate entrepreneurs to design and start up green businesses?


Robert A. Isaak is Henry George Professor of International Management at Pace University. His other books include Managing World Economic Change and Modern Inflation (with Wilhelm Hankel).


  • Preface.
  • Introduction.
  • Globalization and Ecopreneurship.
  • Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Ecodesign.
  • Eco-Theories and Government Regulation.
  • The Limits of EMAS
  • Ethics.
  • What Is to be Done?