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Health Policy: The Decade Ahead

James M. Brasfield
Health Policy: The Decade Ahead
ISBN: 978-1-58826-772-6
ISBN: 978-1-58826-797-9
ISBN: 978-1-62637-462-1
2011/239 pages/LC: 2011009471
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“A thoughtful introduction and overview of current health policy in the US and an outlook for the near future. Readable and relevant for today's students."—Choice

"Provides a superb overview of the US health care system and the most serious challenges it will face in the next ten years.... Excellent for both newcomers to the field of health care policy and veteran observers."—Rick Mayes, University of Richmond

"Well written, well researched, and balanced. A solid textbook for courses in US health policy."—Michael K. Gusmano, The Hastings Center


James Brasfield explores the full gamut of health policy issues confronting the United States—ranging from Medicare and Medicaid, to the heated controversies surrounding health care reform, to the "sleeping giant" of long-term care.

Notable features of the text include balanced discussions of:
• how the real-world policy process works
• competing proposals for Medicare and Medicaid reform
• the details of—and the debates surrounding—the 2010 Affordable Care Act
• the challenges posed by an aging population
• the experiences of other countries grappling with similar problems

For close to a century, health policy issues have never been far from the center of the political agenda. Brasfield traces the ideas behind the debates, examines the politics of health care, and offers possible scenarios for the decades ahead.


James M. Brasfield is professor emeritus of management at Webster University.


  • The Political Economy of Health Care.
  • The Health Policy System.
  • Medicare: National Health Insurance for Older Americans.
  • Medicaid: The Accidental Program.
  • Too Much Money: Uncontrolled Costs.
  • Long-term Care: The Sleeping Giant.
  • Health-Care Reform: The Dream Deferred.
  • How Other Countries Do It.
  • What Can We Expect By 2021?