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Housing Microfinance: A Guide to Practice

Franck Daphnis and Bruce Ferguson, editors
Housing Microfinance: A Guide to Practice
ISBN: 978-1-56549-183-0
ISBN: 978-1-56549-182-3
2004/298 pages/LC: 2003018054
A Kumarian Press Book
"In this very welcome book, housing and microfinance come together to create a development breakthrough. This book’s lessons should be widely adopted."—Maria Otero, ACCION International

"Provides the reader with an excellent analysis of lower income housing finance issues around the world. The scope and quality of the research means that few examples are left unturned and every scrap of experience is recorded for the use of others."—International Union of Housing Finance

"On the cutting edge of both the microfinance and the housing and infrastructure fields in development.... a very important, well written, and interesting contribution to this emerging area of study and practice."—Renana Jhabvala, SEWA Bank


Housing Microfinance, a comprehensive overview of housing microfinance worldwide, provides solid guidance for both international and domestic microfinance institutions that are considering expanding into housing, as well as for providers of conventional housing loans who seek to offer their services to poor clients who lack collateral or regular income.


Franck Daphnis is a founding partner and also president and CEO of Development Innovations Group. Bruce Ferguson is president of Ferguson Development Associates.


  • Foreword—Robert P. Christen.
  • Housing Microfinance: Toward a Definition—F. Daphnis.
  • The Key Importance of Housing Microfinance—B. Ferguson.
  • Housing Microfinance: The State of the Practice—A. Escobar and S.R. Merrill.
  • Market Assessment for Housing Microfinance—M. Baydas.
  • Elements of Product Design for Housing Microfinance—F. Daphnis.
  • Construction Assistance and Housing Microfinance—K. Tilock.
  • Land and Collateral Issues: The Asset Dimension of Housing Microfinance—I. Vance.
  • The Context for Housing Microfinance in the United States—K. Temkin with B. Ferguson.
  • The Market for Housing Microfinance in the United States—K. Huh and L.P. Kolluri.
  • Expand Entery-Level Housing: A Key Lesson from Developing Countries for the United States—B. Ferguson and M. Marez.
  • The Future of Housing Microfinance in the United States—S. Sarkar and K.W. McKee.
  • Taking Housing Microfinance to Scale: Advice for Governments and Donors—M. Malhotra.