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How Russia Loses: Hubris and Miscalculation in Putin’s Kremlin

Thomas Kent
How Russia Loses: Hubris and Miscalculation in Putin’s Kremlin
ISBN: 979-8-9874519-3-9
$38.50 $29.95
ISBN: 979-8-9874519-5-3
$38.50 $29.95
2023/379 pages
Distributed for The Jamestown Foundation
"Kent draws on his decades of experience... and deep knowledge of Russia. Expert interviews provide additional nuance and depth to a complicated subject. Together, these elements make for a riveting read." —Michaela Dodge, Journal of Policy & Security


Vladimir Putin's efforts to build influence abroad have succeeded in many places, but the Kremlin has also faced serious hurdles and even defeats. Thomas Kent delves into six cases where hubris and miscalculation led to reversals—some temporary, some permanent—of Russia's fortunes and suggests how understanding the common threads in Russia's self-defeating behavior can be of benefit to the West.


Thomas Kent, a senior fellow at The Jamestown Foundation, lectures on disinformation and Russian affairs at Columbia University's Harriman Institute. Previously, he served as Moscow bureau chief, international editor, and ethics editor for the Associated Press. 


  • Ukraine: From Obsession to Catastrophe.
  • South Africa: The Deal Too Big to Succeed.
  • The Sputnik Vaccine: From Breakthrough to Footnote.
  • Nord Stream 2: So Near and Yet So Far.
  • Macedonia: The Tank and the Lada.
  • Ecuador: Who Played Whom?
  • How Russia Loses.
  • Strategies for the West.
  • Chronology.