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Human Trafficking in South Africa

Philip Frankel
Human Trafficking in South Africa
ISBN: 978-1-928246-58-9
ISBN: 978-1-928246-63-3
2023/207 pages
Distributed for Best Red, an imprint of HSRC Press


South Africa has the unfortunate distinction of being one of the top-ten worldwide routes for trafficking in persons, or TIP, a massive phenomenon fueled by poverty, forced migration, government corruption, and digital communications that decrease the distance between victim and perpetrator.

In his deep study of human trafficking in South Africa, Philip Frankel explores the nature of TIP, considers its manifestations in sex, child, labor, and organ trafficking, assesses its social impact, and evaluates the various counter-trafficking programs that have emerged in the region in recent years. 


Philip Frankel is professor of political science at St Augustine College of South Africa and director of the Agency for Social Reconstruction.


  • Human Trafficking: An Overview.
  • Sex Trafficking.
  • Child Trafficking.
  • Labor Trafficking.
  • Counter-Trafficking.
  • The Regional Framework.
  • Conclusion: Beyond COVID.