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Identity Politics in the Age of Globalization

Roger Coate and Markus Thiel, editors
Identity Politics in the Age of Globalization
ISBN: 978-1-935049-26-5
2010/207 pages/LC: 2010018973
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"Both conceptually and empirically innovative.... The authors shed a bright light on the international dimension of identity politics."—Elisabeth Prügl, Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales et du Développement        


Despite the homogenizing effect of globalization, identity politics have gained significance—numerous groups have achieved political goals and gained recognition based on, for example, their common gender, religion, ethnicity, or disability. Are each of these groups unique, or can comparisons be drawn among them? What is the impact of globalization on identity politics? The authors of Identity Politics offer a comprehensive analytical  framework and detailed case studies to explain how identity-based collectives both exploit and are shaped by the new realities of a globalized world.


Roger Coate is Paul Coverdell Chair of Public Policy at Georgia College & State University. Markus Thiel is assistant professor of politics and international relations at Florida International University.


  • Identity Politics and Political Identities: Local Expressions in a Globalizing World--the Editors.
  • Trapped Between Gender and Ethnicity: Identity Politics in Ecuador—M. Picq.
  • Civil Society and Cosmopolitanism: Identity Politics in Hong Kong—W. Lam and K.C. Lam.
  • Reshaping Identity Politics in the European Union: The Hungarian Minority in Romania—E. Vladescu.
  • Deploying National Identity: HIV/AIDS and South African Health Politics—V. Kratsov.
  • Modern Islam or Theocracy? Turkey’s Gülen Movement—N. Ibryamova.
  • Conclusion—the Editors.