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Illegal Drug Markets: From Research to Prevention Policy

Mangai Natarajan and Mike Hough, editors
ISBN: 978-1-881798-25-5
2000/329 pages
Crime Prevention Studies, Volume 11

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"This is an excellent work, with comprehensive and up to date material on the drugs/crime connection. It should be in every researcher's library."—James Inciardi

"It is a delight to read a book that focuses on the intersection of drug markets and policy. Too often one hears drug policy discussed as a 'medical problem' or a 'criminal justice' problem. It is both, of course, but it is also fundamentally an issue of markets, albeit unusual ones. Confronting the market dimensions addressed in this book will help elevate drug policy discussions."—Jonathan Caulkins, Carnegie-Mellon University

"This anthology would serve well in any undergraduate or graduate course that deals with drug use and abuse, international perspectives on substance abuse, or any other similar courses of study...[It] provides a broad global perspective on the drug trade phenomenon and provides insight into drug-trade crime prevention efforts for practitioners and scholars alike."—Robert Hanser, The Literature of Criminal Justice, 1998-2001

"Illegal Drug Markets [is] one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date books of its type on the market. Conceptually rich and empirically diverse, this anthology is sure to benefit researchers and students alike."—Bruce Jacobs, University of Missouri-St. Louis


  • Illegal Drug Markets, Research and Policy—the Editors.
  • Crack Distribution and Abuse in New York—B.D. Johnson, E. Dunlap, and S.C. Tourigny.
  • "How Young Britons Obtain Their Drugs: Drugs Transactions at the Point of Consumption—H. Parker.
  • The Impact of Heroin Prescription on Heroin Markets in Switzerland—M. Killias and M.F. Aebi.
  • Women as Judicious Consumers of Drug Markets—S. Murphy and K. Arroyo.
  • Toward the Development of a Typology of Illegal Drug Markets—R. Curtis and T. Wendel.
  • Hidden from Heroin's History:  Heroin Use and Dealing within an English Asian Community—A Case Study—S. Akhtar and N. South.
  • Swedish Drug Markets and Drugs Policy—J. Knutsson.
  • Criminal Franchising: Albanians and Illicit Drugs in Italy—V. Ruggiero.
  • A Geographic Analysis of Illegal Drug Markets—G. Rengert, S. Chakravorty, T. Bole, and K. Henderson.
  • Drug Trafficking as a Cottage Industry—J.E. Eck and J.S. Gersh.
  • Understanding the Structure of a Drug Trafficking Organization: A Conversational Analysis—M. Natarajan.
  • Performance Management Indicators and Drug Enforcement: In the Crossfire or at the Crossroads?—N. Dorn.
  • Connecting Drug Policy and Research on Drug Markets—P. Reuter.