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Immigrants and Modern Racism: Reproducing Inequality

Beth Frankel Merenstein
Immigrants and Modern Racism: Reproducing Inequality
ISBN: 978-1-58826-573-9
2008/173 pages/LC: 2008012822

“Highly recommended for academic libraries.”—Kristen Whitehair, Multicultural Review

"Concise and to the point.... A worthy contribution toward a sociology of immigration that critically analyzes the complex politics of contemporary racialization."—Lisa Sun-Hee Park, University of California, Santa Barbara


With rising numbers of immigrants of color in the United States, sheer demographic change has long promised—falsely, it now seems—to solve the "race problem." Directly connecting the issues of race relations and immigrant incorporation, Beth Merenstein sheds light on what the changing contours of the US's racial and ethnic makeup mean for our dearly held concept of "equal opportunity for all."


Beth Frankel Merenstein is assistant professor of sociology at Central Connecticut State University.


  • Learning Race:  Becoming an "American."
  • The Racial Structure of US Society.
  • Immigrants' Preconceptions of Race.
  • Seeing, Hearing, and Acquiring New Notions of Race.
  • Immigrants Express Modern Racism.
  • Racial Identity Construction.
  • Racial Reproduction Revisited.
  • Appendixes.